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在這樣的背景下,我們將配置重新整合並將動線、需求機能作縝密考量,將屋主期待的設計元素 : 簡單質樸與靜謐為核心訴求,

加入微東方元素 : 穩重的木紋質感、細緻的鐵件細節與質感塗料,創造出沉靜氛圍的設計風格。



For homeowners who have purchased a 16-year-old empty house, there are high expectations for space renovation. As the existing pipelines and facilities of the open house are fixed, redesigning and planning present a significant challenge in this project.

In this context, AODADesign will integrate the configurations and meticulously consider the flow and functional requirements, with the homeowner's expectations for simple and serene design elements as the core appeal. We will incorporate subtle Eastern ingredients such as the stable wood grain texture, delicate iron details, and textured paint to create a calm atmosphere in the design style.

In every detail, we emphasize a sound and restrained design to make the space appear simple yet classic and elegant. AODADesign profoundly understands the importance of trust to homeowners and engages in extensive communication and discussion with a sincere attitude. After repeated adjustments, we have created a retirement residence that meets the homeowner's expectations, filled with rich Eastern charm and relaxation.

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