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Scent of twelve essences: midnight blue








To enjoy life in a fully functional space in the jam-packed metropolitan, and to come away from the stress and burden of a tough day, can almost seem as dazzling as a dream.


Through incorporating, converting, and multiplying various of architectural techniques, the tranquil living style in this 33 square-meters residential space is thus rejuvenated with a robust fusion of characteristics.


The once narrow, cramped partitions were all joined together to form one light, open, and airy place packed with usability and flexibility. TV wall panel, bookshelves, and the mezzanine were revamped throughout, with interlacing and compiling techniques massively applied to integrate space both horizontally and vertically.


The structural loads of the stairs were reexamined repeatedly to make best use of the view of the window and the amount of daylight that pours through, with the geometric silhouette that accentuated the aesthetic extensively.


In front of the bookshelves, a wooden see-through slider is installed to separate the private space from the public area when needed; without guests, units can be joint to maximize spaciousness.

To visually expand further, natural-pattern materials and finishes, such as fair-faced concrete, Terrazzo, wood veneer, and rattan, were chosen to match full-bodied palette of black and midnight blue. A taste of modern minimalist is presented through the ironware stairs and the cubic kitchen island, combining with room-filling design elements to form a unique style that hints the beauty of inclusiveness.


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