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A Poetic Home






This project recreates oriental imagery in a reserved and simple manner by outlining neat lines with calm and elegant colors, using the aesthetics of “Fishing Alone on Frosty River” for the visual presentation of the space, and using the blank spaces to interpret the tranquility and fun in living life.

The poetic atmosphere begins with the TV wall as thin porcelain plates are only in black and white to express the Zen of going back to the basics, and depth is created by appropriately dividing the wall. The wall is then coated with a special paint that changes the perception of depth by absorbing and releasing moisture, and creating space with the four seasons. The oriental elements are implemented throughout the project as the entire house uses greyish colors to render an artistic conception of perfection through tranquility, and adopts the spirit of “being worldly” by incorporating rounded arced transitions in the ceiling and rounded corners for the cabinet façade.
The rounded shapes are also evident in the tables, chairs, and lighting. Blurring the visual boundaries enlarges the perceived space, and also reflects the reserved wholesomeness of the area.

The layout and the design have all been designed for simplicity for spatial transparency, and the blank spaces are used to help people concentrate on enjoying the details in life such as playing the piano, reading, and cooking. The redundant walls were removed and glass is used as partitions between the study and the piano room. Custom-made furniture was put in place as they reflected individual needs, and the reasonable planning of the functional flow expanded the public space to the maximum. The private space uses greyish colors for a poetic atmosphere, and wood-grain elements were added to add warmth as delicate details were added to create a small but functionally-complete and elegant sleeping environment.

Simple lines were used to express an oriental atmosphere, and combined with the modern lifestyle
to create a space for boundless imagination, and somewhere

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