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Coffee: Stand Up








What should it be like for a coffeehouse in this fast-paced, ever changing era? What change has to make to adapt and overcome contemporary challenges? As a standing coffee bar pioneer entrenched in Taipei, this question is paramount.


The answer thus forms the philosophy that pervades the design throughout. In about 50 square meters of space, this modern coffee bar sets the behavior of stand-up drinking highlighted. Once entered, the visual focus falls naturally on the curvilinear counter, where people share thoughts and get inspired at. Sturdy, hefty, marble-pattern countertop is paired with refined wood stripe base, giving an elegant sense of simple and warm.


 Two zinc-plated, polished sheets floating midair are the sole décor up above, introducing urban chic style to the interior. The two thin metals are also used to brighten up space through reflection and keep the ceiling neat by hiding the cables and pipelines.


Shining, light-reflecting modern materials are arranged to be in contrast with natural textures. Responding to that, the color palette of viridian green and earthy light brown introduce softer element, rejuvenating the bar in this fashion.


Robust but tender, a harmonic balance with affection and smoothness. There is no better place to kick start a perfect day.

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