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 A Path Amongst Cats











When we live with five cats, the design of the residence certainly must take into account their activity needs.
But how can we include an elegant and comfortable living space for humans? The designer did in-depthresearch on the behavior of humans “living together” with cats, learned about the scales and boundaries of functional planning, outlined the appearance of the home with simple strokes, and incorporated oriental elements in the natural textures to reflect and identify with Wanhua. The customized aesthetics complete the harmonious coexisting space of humans and cats.

Cats are the focal point in the public area as there are large volumes of space on each of the two walls in the public area that integrate catwalks, jumping platforms, and storage areas. Sliding doors are used to create concealment that cats enjoy as the side panels on both sides extend horizontally into the back wall of the sofa,
the catwalk, and the TV wall to naturally create more interaction between humans and cats. The hanging iron components are easy to clean, and create plenty of lighting and shadowing changes within the house.

The space is based on white, and partially borrows wood-grained materials and quasi-rock paint to bring out the depth of the facade, and oriental elements are injected into the design in a simple fashion. The jujube red wall divides the public and private spaces to create a change of atmosphere, and is a reference to the homeowner’s nostalgia of the red temple bricks during their childhood. The stained window on the red wall creates a visual focal point that easily conveys a strong oriental impression, and also allows the cats to be easily seen from the kitchen as they play around in the living room.

In the master bedroom, the redundant walls were removed and the scale of the open space scale also improved storage efficiency. The wood and white color tones were used again with honeycomb shades to easily turn the urban landscape into living art in the bedroom. The ubiquitous arced edges broadened the spatial perception of this small space.

Humans falling in love with cats adds warmth to every inch of this place, and their future home will have double the amount of happiness.

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