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Urban Style 






在色彩方面,我們將復古的藍色調帶入每一個空間,並將客廳背櫃、主臥衣櫥和書房牆面統一以此作為主軸,更完整地呈現Urban Style的精神。

It is a new house located in the center of Taipei. The indoor area is 43 square meters, with a layout of two bedrooms, one living room, one bathroom, and one balcony.
Two lovely homeowners said in unison for the first time: "We like very different things!" We then asked them to share their favorite cases and found their preferences very different.
One of them likes the rough style of New York, while the other prefers the simplicity of the Scandinavian Japanese style. Therefore, we thought of the New York LOFT style, keeping the visual neat and straightforward, choosing rough material texture, and adding favorite elements, such as guitars, vinyl records, leather, and other retro details, as the design concept, combining humanities and art Integrate with life attitude into the interior design to form a unique urban style.
On weekends and holidays, the two homeowners hope to roll noodles, cook food, and taste red wine at home together. Also, they need a cozy corner next to the sofa.
Therefore, we concentrated the functions of the dining table, dining chair, table preparation table, oven, wine cabinet, and display cabinet in this small area, paying attention to the storage of every inch of space, using titanium-plated iron parts, glass, stainless steel with solid wood table boards, creating a rich visual and tactile texture.
In terms of color, we bring retro blue tones into every space and unify the back cabinet of the living room, the primary bedroom wardrobe, and the study wall as the central axis, presenting the spirit of Urban Style more completely.

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